2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g

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2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g
2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g 2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g 2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g
2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g 2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g 2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g
2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g 2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g 2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g
2014 Autumn Mengsong Bamboo Raw Puerh Tea 500g

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: Autumn, 2014

Producer: Mingshan tea house

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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This tea come from autumn 2014 harvest from Mengsong (Menghai), blend of tea from different villages, trees 60-80 years old, made by Dai minority.

Put the tea into bamboo tube, then bake bamboo on the fire until lightly toasted. Press the tealeaves with a wooden stick when they are softened, and then fill up the tube again with more tealeaves. Repeat this procedure until tealeaves in the tube are compacted.

Sweet, full tea soup with strong floral aroma. Drink now or allow the tea to mature for a few years. The perfect combination of bamboo fragrance and tea flavor will makes it a very good fusion.

Manufacturer : Mingshan Tea House
Production date : Autumn, 2014
Harvest area : Mengsong area
Weight : 500g (come in an vintage CNNP paper pack)

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Eternal Spring
25.11.2015 09:00:22
Eternal Spring

Mengsong in the bamboo

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You can view the production of this tea on attached photos. Steamed tea is hammered into the bamboo tube and then baked on the open fire. Surprisingly there is no trace of smokiness in the taste, but the tea takes over the fresh aroma of bamboo.

Rinsed tea leaves smell like green tea – clear, sweet and fresh flowery aroma. I cannot get enough :)

1st infusion (about 40s) – colour is yellow to brown. The taste is mild, sweetish with a little astringency at the end. The tea is not yet open. Compression is not tight, you can quite easily separate a piece of tea. I recommend cutting it as a “salami slices”. Well, the association with salami is obvious. Tea really recalls salami sausage even with white “mouldy” cover. Of course there is no mould at all, those are just traces of bamboo, from what the tea was taken out.

2nd infusion – 10s – leaves smell very nice – full, honey rich taste with gentle bitter and quite astringent ending. There is enough energy in this tea. It is worming up the body. Also sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

3rd infusion – sweet and quite astringent. I’ve used more tea, so I am gonna shorten steeping times.

4th infusion – sweetness is changing to honey sweet tones – 5th, 6th – still enough of astringency – 7, 8, 9.

Perfect tea for everyday drinking. The taste is typical for Mengsong araea and it’s close to a rich green tea. I like these young aromatic shengs. $22 for 500g (2015).

By the way 2012 Mangzhi Huang Shan Cha Xiao Bing 200g was also produced in Mingshan tea house. Also 2014 Mengsong Ripe, what we also bough and will write about it soon.

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