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I would like to present a simple guide how to add a tea on server. Any registered user can add a tea. You can upload photos to your teas, add tags – key words. This way you can create your own catalogue of teas you tasted. Basic tea information can be obtained from your supplier or tea shop. Then you can add your own tea ratings or comments.

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You can add a tea by clicking on the link Add a Tea on the main menu under the logo.

Add a Tea on

Mandatory fields are marked by red star.
Tea name: this is the main label for a tea. It is good to include production year into the name.
Category: select from the list
Country: select from the list, if you also know a region, please select is as well.
Producer: if known, this is not a mandatory field
Shop: in case you are using data from a shop – like tea description, photos, please always fill it in. Not mandatory field.
Harvest : arbitrary format – ie March 2013.
Description: you can copy/paste a description from your supplier or shop. You can also use HTML mark up like break line and so on .
Steeping: in case a supplier or shop states a recommended steeping, you can copy/paste it here. Your steeping please put later on as tea rating note – Write a Review .
Finally click on Add a Tea – you can change tea information at any time by clicking on the link Update

You can append photos on the next screen to your tea. In case you stated a Producer or Shop, you can use photos from their web sites. You can upload up to 13 photos to your tea.

 Add tea photos on

We also recommend to add tags – key words. Tags are used to link your tea with other content on the server. Do not forget to click on Update Tags when you are done with tags.

 Add tags on

Use the menu above a tea to manage your teas:
Update – for changing of tea information - name, description, steeping…
Photos – add / delete a photo, change an order of photos
Tags – add/ delete key words, tags
Delete – delete a tea
Status – to maintain the high quality of our server all added teas are validate by administrator before publishing – it is status: to publish.

List my teas on

Update my teas on

Manage my tea photos on

Back – this will return you back to the list of My teas where you can manage all your tea.

My teas on

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How to add a tea?

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„While unaged and unprocessed, Maocha pu-erh is similar to green tea. Two subtle differences worth noting are that pu-erh is not produced from the small leaf chinese varietal but the broad leaf varietal mostly found in the southern Chinese Provinces and India.“

Source Web: Pu-erh tea[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <>. [q488] [s62]


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