2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g

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2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g
2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g
2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g
2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g
2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu Raw Puerh Cake 400g

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: 2004

Producer: Shi Kun Mu

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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This cake is one of the "four cakes set(Yiwu, Manzhuan, Menghai and Yibang)"which were produced by master Shi Kun Mu. Cakes have the same wrapper but different seal which is the name of mountain. Taiwanese master Shi Kun Mu is famous tea producer of highest quality ancient arbor puerh teas. He selects the materials personally and monitors production process from beginning to end.

This cake is made of pure spring acient arbor tea from Yibang mountain. Yibang mountain is one of the Old Six Famous Tea Mountains with long tea history. According to research, puer tea from Yibang was chosen to be tribute for the royal of Qing dynasty firstly. Then, Mansa(曼撒). Until the end of the Qing Dynasty, Yiwu was included in the "tribute tea" list. Yibang small leaves variety tea has slender leaves and silver buds. It is known for its refreshing sweetness and honeyed flavor.

Picked one bud/one leaves and one bud/two leaves. Traditional processing of "mao cha", stone pressed in Changtai Tea Factory (Changtai Tea Group) in Yiwu town. This cake stored in Kunming tea collector's warehouse.

Brewed tea have deep golden color and sweet aromas of honey, awakening the sense of smell and surprising the sense of taste. Well-balanced tea soup full of aromas and flavours of honey and cream. It´s not easy to tell all level of the taste. Mellow and smooth, honey sweet with fruity tones. Smell of cup or pitcher after drink is pleasant. Rare and excellent Yibang tea! After 7 years little aged, great to drink now but also for long term storage and gem of your puerh collection. One pretty good example of the current state of the tea market. New Yibang cakes come in a similar price range as 7 years old and clean stored ancient arbor tea cake from Shi Kun Mu. We are pleased that we can offer this wonderful tea!

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Eternal Spring
08.01.2014 11:58:09
Eternal Spring


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This tea comes from Taiwanese master Shi Kun Mu, who is known for the high quality of its products. Tea is part of a series of 4 cakes from areas Yiwu , Manzhuan , Menghai and Yibang . The cover was the same for all cakes; the only difference was the red seal indicating the area of origin.

Dry tea gives a nice mellow flavour. Rinsed leaves fragrance smells after flowers, it is very uplifting fresh scent.

The taste is unique, very fragrant, honey- sweet, very complex and hard to depict by words. At the beginning it's a concert of flavours and sweet tastes. Then comes very delicate astringency on the back of the tongue. Finally when you swallow a fruity taste comes back via your nose back to mouth. An empty cup smells sweet after caramel.

Energy comes after the second to the third cup and goes straight to my head - it inflates my forehead. Very strong. I'm trying to send it up, but it still holds over the third eye. I am drinking the fourth cup very slowly and I give myself a break. Very strong and intense Cha Qi .

After the third infusion wet leaves starting to smell gently after camphor and mint. The flavour gets more mature character. You can feel a cooling effect in the mouth.

It is a very good tea. I defiantly recommend trying it. 25g sample for $9 or a whole cake for $95/400g.

Rinsing - 15s/7/10/12/15/20/30/40/50

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