Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g

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Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g
Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g
Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Date of production: Late 1990s

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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"Jin Gua Gong Cha" also called "Tuan Cha", is a special kind of compressed puer tea. It looks like pumpkin and the tea will turn to golden yellow after a period of time, so the tea was named "Jin Gua" (Golden Melon). "Gong Cha" means early Jing Gua used to be tribute for royalty.

The tea had been stored in Simao until they were sold to Kunming in 2006. There have been great changes in tea in the past twenty years. The liquor color is like red autumnal leaves (of the maple, etc.), rounded and show the typical characteristics of mature puer tea, tastes wonderfully smooth and cool with strong herbal scent, drinks well now.

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Quotes - Pu-erh

„Bĭng: The tea cake itself. Tea cakes or other compressed pu'er can be made up of two or more grades of tea, typically with higher grade leaves on the outside of the cake and lower grades or broken leaves in the center. This is done to improve the appearance of the tea cake and improve its sale. Predicting the grade of tea used on the inside takes some effort and experience in selection. However, the area in and around the dimple of the tea cake can sometimes reveal the quality of the inner leaves.“

Source Web: Pu-erh tea[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <>. [q850] [s62]

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„fa jiao; 发酵 - To ferment/fermented. Shu Puer tea is a made by a process of fermentation. Raw puer is referred to as hou fa jiao cha - post-fermented tea -which technically is said to be a mix of oxidation and fermentation.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <>. [q604] [s78]


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