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Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g

Late 1990s "Jin Gua Gong Cha" 500g
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"Jin Gua Gong Cha" also called "Tuan Cha", is a special kind of compressed puer tea. It looks like pumpkin and the tea will turn to golden yellow after a period of time, so the tea was named "Jin Gua" (Golden Melon). "Gong Cha" means early Jing Gua used to be tribute for royalty. The tea had been stored in Simao until they were sold to Kunming in 2006. There have been great changes in tea in the past twenty years. The liquor color is like red autumnal leaves (of the maple,...




„kou gan; 口感 - Literally mouth-feeling. Dictionary definitions vary between mouth-feel referring strictly to textural character - i.e. 质地/zhi di, others to a broader definition of flavour. In tea drinking it is largely referring to the former, but cannot be easily separated from other gustatory and olfactory sensations.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com/>. [q618] [s78]


Female workers of a
Pu-erh shape -
Chengdu, the capital
Darjeeling Tea

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Jasminum officinale,
Chengdu, the capital
Munnar is a hill
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