Lao ManE 2013 autumn

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Lao ManE 2013 autumn
Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn
Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn
Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn
Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn Lao ManE 2013 autumn

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan


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The LaoManE rules over this autumn teas. In this village you may find really bitter tea and also sweet teas as the villagers call it. This one is something from the first and second too, very balanced and drinkable from it's very fresh state. Masterly picked and made maocha makes a great tea, made by a very skillfull and modest buddhist monk. A tea that comes with its sharp edge, a fruity center and very well defined taste.

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Eternal Spring
03.04.2014 10:52:44
Eternal Spring

Lao Man E – Bulang’s Village

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It is interesting to observe how tea can quickly calm and relax the human mind. I had a very busy and rushed morning. It's one of those states when you are almost not present in your physical body, but your are rather somewhere outside with your thoughts. Then I made some tea (actually not some but this Lao Man E), drank one cup and immediately observed relaxation of mind , hence the whole body. Of course this is partly about training – to empty the mind, but the tea is very helpful. It is interesting to observe the speed at which tea energy starts influence your mind and body. Surely it's not just the active substances such as Tein impacting body through the digestive system. According to the speed with which the energy kicks in, it is evident that it must be Qi, Cha Qi more precisely.

"Body tranquil, mind free, you can then observe the subtle."

"The mind is the ruler of the whole body, the commander of all the mental power. When it is quiet, it produces insight; when agitated, it is necessary to sit calmly, collect the mind, and detach from objects, so the mind does not cling to anything, spontaneously entering into absolute nonresistance." ... this is what Thomas Cleary writes in his book Practical Taoism

The sweet smell of leaves. The taste is slightly bitter, strong astringency; the first cup and here comes energy. I am feeling hot in my face. There is this typical bitter Bulang aftertaste left in the mouth.

The second cup – I can feel the energy in the forehead and at the top of my head. There are such a waves of energy coming in to my head.

The taste is full, dense. It is a mix of distinct sweetness bitterness and astringency. Splendid. I can clearly imagine light green juicy leaves on the wild tea trees.

Check out the new video - Lao Man'e: A Bulang Tea Village

Excellent tea , but with a higher price - 250g + 25g for €60

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„Unlike green tea produced in china which is dried with hot air after the pan-frying stage to completely kill enzyme activity, leaves used in the production of pu-erh are only pan-fried and thus a small amount of enyzmes are left which contribute a minor amount of oxidation to the leaves during sun-drying“

Source Web: Pu-erh tea[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <>. [q495] [s62]

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„Many varieties of green tea have been created in the countries where it is grown. These varieties can differ substantially due to variable growing conditions, horticulture, production processing, and harvesting time.“

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