Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001

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Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001
Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001
Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001
Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Date of production: private production “Zhong Cha Gong Si” in Dayi

Producer: Menghai Tea Factory


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„tailor-made” private production “Zhong Cha Gong Si” in Dayi (Menghai tea factory), so in case you see the 2001 BGT paper wrapper looks different. This tea is made by a dayi employe on a special request from Taiwan.

Material is ancient tea trees, I would say gushu at very high rate.

Taste is nicely aged, fine and smooth but still could move forward as there is still bitterness that will in next years transform to sweetie tones.

Storage in Guangzhou warehouse. This year it was moved to taiwan storage due to better natural moisture.

Note: Very pleasent and complex tea, I suggest to reserve a special occasion, a few hours, only relaxed mind will be able absorb and reveal the beauty of this tea.

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26.11.2013 16:36:44

BGT Yiwu 2001

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When the bag was unsealed it released a mellow fragrance from inside. When you then spill out leaves on the table - the sample is fragmented into individual leaves - then the tea smells fresh. Leaves are pretty "a live", huge, just a nice tea.
The smell of wet leaves is very heavy – much over-ripped exotic fruits with camphor overtones.
Mellow, fruity, sweet, just enough astringency, finished with coolness on the tongue.
Tea is a pleasantly smooth, nicely matured with dense consistency in the mouth.
Strong Hui Gan, great sweetness and cooling effect when you inhale through your mouth. Wet leaves smell strongly after camphor.
Energy started slowly; it started gently vibrate your body and relax the mind. Very pleasant, light energy. I was drinking tea all day long. It was a pleasant day.
Now the bad news. 400g cake costs €140, so for us who are less wealthy, we can settle for a sample of 25g for €10. It is definitely worth trying

5g for 100ml, gaiwan – rinse – 15s/5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/50/60/70

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