2013 Chawangpu "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Xiao Bing Cha 200g

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2013 Chawangpu "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Xiao Bing Cha 200g
2013 Chawangpu "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Xiao Bing Cha 200g 2013 Chawangpu "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Xiao Bing Cha 200g 2013 Chawangpu "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Xiao Bing Cha 200g
2013 Chawangpu "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Xiao Bing Cha 200g 2013 Chawangpu "Gao Shan Liu Shui" Xiao Bing Cha 200g

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: Menghai - March 2012, Mengku - March 2013

Producer: Cha Wang Shop Exclusive Products

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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高山流水 [gāo shān liú shuǐ] :lofty mountains and flowing water; -- referring to the harsh reality that talent and ability can rarely meet [find] people who can really appreciate them.

These cakes are a blend of the high mountain ancient tree tea from Mengku and Menghai area. The Menghai materials came from 2012 spring harvest and were matured for a year in Kunming, then blend with 2013 early spring tea from Mengku East Mid-levels.

The tea has a strong taste, fresh, delicate mouthfeel, both powerful and balanced.

Production date :
Menghai - March, 2012
Mengku - March, 2013

Weight : 200g per cake, 7 cakes in bamboo tong

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Eternal Spring
19.09.2013 14:54:02
Eternal Spring

Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water

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Another this year's (2013) Cha Wang Shop’s cake named "Gao Shan Liu Shui" meaning "High mountains and flowing water" referring to the harsh reality where talent and skills are rarely appreciated by people. It is also name of the famous piece for guzheng instrument.
Wet leaves smell fruity and sweet. There is a nice aroma of young pu-erh. The taste is very full, fruity and sweet with a distinct bitterness in the aftertaste. The bitterness remains relatively long in the aftertaste during the first three infusions. Then there is the astringency and dryness on the tongue – the bitterness is understandable as there is part of this year’s tea from Mengke in the cake. Hui Gan is quick. It's a very strong tea full of energy. I wonder how it will develop in future. Bitterness is giving a good potential for aging. Price is $28 for 200g.

Rinsing - 95°C - 7 g in gaiwan - 30s/5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50

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