NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3

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NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3
NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3 NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3 NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3
NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3 NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3 NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3
NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3 NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3 NaKa 2013 - blind tasting set 3

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: spring 2013


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this tea is sold only as a sample, each order is limited to have only 2 samples of this tea

aroma of a freshly baked bread with fruity tones, very specific scent and taste, energetic bitternes, in some parts very similar to the one from Lao Banzhang, disappearing after a while and leaving strong and pleasant aftertaste, the similarity with Banzhang they say it is used in good fakes of Lao Banzhang, this year this tea sold only as samples, the ordered 5 kg of this was sold on preorders, surely will appear in the list next spring

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Eternal Spring
11.11.2013 10:52:48
Eternal Spring


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The tea was part of Sheng 2013 Blind Tasting Set

Again, dry tea smells beautifully fresh. The sample is holding together. Smell of wet leaves is sweet, floral and much similar to the sample number 2 (Hekai). The sample is relatively compact; I am leaving the first infusion for 40s. The brew is delicate, a floral scent, delicate sweetness. It leaves a slightly sweet feeling in the mouth what is then changing into dryness. No trace of bitterness. Very smooth impression. The second infusion is full, spicy. It leaves a pleasant astringency in the mouth and pronounced dryness. Pleasant energy. I have forgotten the 7th infusion and there has appeared a bitterness, but the brew is still drinkable – so far my favorite :-)

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„In some ways, by doing so you’re basically cupping the tea without cupping it – you’re testing whether or not the tea is good for your style of brewing. Even then, however, a good tea drinker should be adjusting to the tea and trying to brew it as best s/he can, which means that the first try can come out horribly wrong.“

Source Web: MarshalN. A Tea Addict’s Journal: Blogging seriously about tea[online]. Available on WWW: <>. [q894] [s95]

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„Yu Shui Cha; 雨水茶. Literally Rain water tea. Summer Tea. Less prized than Spring Tea or Autumn Tea. The flavour is usually less fulsome than Spring tea. Also, it is often oven-dried (hong qing; 烘青) as it is harvested in the rainy season.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <>. [q641] [s78]


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