2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g

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2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g
2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g 2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g 2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g
2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g 2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g 2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g
2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g 2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g 2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g
2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g - A china statue of He He Er Xian in Hong Kong Museum of Art - Source: wikipedia.org 2013 Chawangpu "He He" Xiao Bing Raw 200g - A small statue of Hé (和) and Hé (合), two Taoist immortals, in Changchun Temple, Wuhan - Source: wikipedia.org

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: Spring 2007, 2012 and 2013

Date of production: 4th April, 2013

Producer: Cha Wang Shop Exclusive Products

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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He he is the last cake from Chawangpu 2013 spring production we offer now.

He He is another Chinese name for two famous Chinese poets and Tao - Chan legendary figures. Han shan (寒山) and Shide (拾得). Hanshan and his sidekick Shide are honored as emanations of the boddhisatva Manjusri and Samantabhadra. They were very famous in China but now they are well know only in Chinese New year and wedding motives like He He. He-He er xian (Chinese: 和合二仙; pinyin: Hé-Hé èr xiān, i.e. "Two immortals [named] Hé and Hé"), also known as the "Immortals of Harmony (和) and Union (合)".

Hanshan and Side are also central motive for our puerh wrappers for this year. The picture is from an old painting of our collection.

Material for this cake is a blend of 2007,2012 and 2013 spring harvest from Yiwu and Menghai area. Originally sourced from ancient arbor and wild arbor tea trees. All materials was processed by hand. Stone compression in Menghai.

This tea is powerfull and oily with sweet return. A little mature flavor and smooth taste make this tea easy to drink. We make this blend for long term storage.

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Eternal Spring
19.09.2013 10:57:42
Eternal Spring

Harmony and Unity

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The cake poetically named after two Taoist immortal heroes He He, as an analogy to the blend of two known areas of Yiwu and Menghai, greatly fulfilled its analogy of "harmony and unity". The first infusion 20s - very pleasant, sweet smell of steamed leaves. The taste of the first brew is pleasant. There is no bitterness. The infusion is sweet. There is a tingling feeling on the tongue. The empty cup smells like honey. The second infusion - 5s - the taste is balanced, round, full and sweet. There is a fine bitterness in the aftertaste caused by young components of this blend, which is composed of a spring harvests of 2007, 2012 and 2013. The bitterness disappears after the second cup. Interesting is a gently cooling effect - take a long smell of wet leas after the second cup. You can feel a gentle cooling effect on the tongue’s root, highlighting the bitter and sweet aftertaste in the mouth. Cha Qi is strong and started just after the second cup. Tea is nicely balanced - mature component gives the tea a pleasant roundness in the taste. Seller states that it is intended for long-term storage, but tea is definitely good now. For me it is a good price / performance ratio - $17 per 200 grams.

100 °C water - rinse 10s - 20/5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60

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„Mushroom shaped tea appeared in 1912. It was invented at that time in order to prevent the tea from going mouldy during the transportation. It was produced in Xia-Guan and Fo-Hai (two cities in south China) with the trademark "Bao-Yan". The production was then stopped in 1966. In 1986, the production was resumed due to the request of Buddhists in Tibet.“

Source Web: Pu-erh.Net. Puerh History: Noteworthy Facts[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.pu-erh.net/sections.php?Choice=Puerh_History>. [q744] [s82]

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„Maocha can be sold directly to market as loose leaf tea, compressed to produce "raw" Sheng Cha, naturally aged and matured for several year before being compressed to also produce "raw" Sheng Cha or undergo Wo Dui ripening for several months prior to being compressed to produce "ripe" Shou Cha.“

Source Web: Pu-erh tea[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pu-erh_tea>. [q487] [s62]


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