2007 Zhen Si Long "Autumn Harvest Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh tea cake

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2007 Zhen Si Long "Autumn Harvest Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh tea cake
2007 Zhen Si Long "Autumn Harvest Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh tea cake 2007 Zhen Si Long "Autumn Harvest Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh tea cake 2007 Zhen Si Long "Autumn Harvest Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh tea cake
2007 Zhen Si Long "Autumn Harvest Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh tea cake 2007 Zhen Si Long "Autumn Harvest Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh tea cake

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: Fall 2007

Producer: Zhen Si Long Tea Factory

Shop: Yunnan Sourcing

Yunnan Sourcing

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Fall 2007 Harvest * Yi Wu Wild Tea trees * 357 grams

Zhen Si Long Tea company of Yi Wu is a small family run tea factory based in the Yi Wu mountain area of Xishuangbanna. Zhen Si Long has been producing teas since the late 90's and does many private pressings (like this year's Hai Lang Hao) as well as their own productions. This tea cake is produced entirely from Fall Harvest 2007 tea from Gao Shan Zhai and Luo Shui Dong area of Yi Wu. The leaves being fall harvest are large and plump and carry a natural sweetness in them. Fall 2007 was a dry autumn which is optimum for tea production! This cake has been stored in Yi Wu until May 2009 when it was brought to Kunming. The relatively warm and un-polluted storage condition has made this cake into something special. The brewed tea is a deep and thick golden color. The tea tastes sweet with some vegetal bitterness and full feeling in the mouth and hui gan.

Yi Wu is really more of mountain range than just one mountain. Yi Wu incorporates many peaks and villages are scattered throughout the area. Yi, Yao and Han people are the three main ethnic groups in the area, with the Yao people living exclusively in the mountains. Many of the villages are accessible only on foot or perhaps by motorbike.

Net Weight: 357 grams per cake (7 cakes per stack)
Ingredients: Sun-dried Yunnan Large Leaf varietal tea
Produced by Zhen Si Long Tea Factory

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Eternal Spring
19.06.2013 15:37:59
Eternal Spring

Fall 2007 Yi Wu Wild Tea trees

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The tropical heat is raging outside, so I decided to ease my computer job with this Yi Wu tea, and I think it was pretty successful. Leaves smell pleasantly fruity. Full flavor, nice sweet taste. It leaves a long, gentle minty, slightly cooling aftertaste. It is the autumn harvest, tea is now nearly 6 years old and the price is $45 for 357g cake - I think it is OK and appropriate. I really enjoyed it.

150ml gaiwan, 6g, wash 10s – 15s/10/15/20/25/35/45/60/90/120

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