2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake

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2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake
2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake 2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake 2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake
2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake 2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake 2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake
2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake 2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake 2005 Boyou TF 0508M Ripe Puerh Cake

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: 2005 Menghai, Xishuanbanna

Date of production: November 2006 pressed

Producer: Boyou Tea Factory

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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Boyou was founded in 2005, now is one of the factories which still adhere to the strictest sanitary standard in Xishuangbanna. Boyou TF hire Master Huang An Shun who was fermentation workshop director working at the Menghai Tea factory since 1957 to be supervisor for fermentation process.

05 series ripe puerh is the first batch of products. Used 2005 fermented and matured materials, after more than six months storage, select eight grade material and blended into this "0508M"product. The cakes are covered with first grade material, which have many golden buds.

Boyou TF have first-class fermentation technology and experienced staff. 0508M means 2005 fermentation material, 8 grade material, M- ripe puerh. This tea is milder than "0507M" which we also offer. Brewed tea have a deep garnet-red color, sweet and smooth with pleasant light dark chocolate tones. Seven years good storage, this puerh cake is ready for drink now !

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Eternal Spring
30.12.2013 11:36:09
Eternal Spring

Boyou 0508M

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How to start? Simply 0507M is just better …
0508M is again good tea. The taste is smooth and cultivated. Gentle earthiness. Comparing to 0507M this tea lacks bolder fruity component. There is also no nutty taste what you can find in 0507M.
The aftertaste is earthy and sweet. The mouth is filled by sweet aftertaste. It is quite good and refined tea without any disturbing elements, but also without greater complexity in the taste.
You can get sample of 25g for $3 or 357g cake for $21.

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Quotes - Pu-erh

„sheng; 生 - Raw, uncooked, un-processed. Here used to refer to Puer tea that is made from maocha that does not undergo further processing, other than steaming and pressing where it is made into cake, brick, etc. form.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com/>. [q632] [s78]

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„Pu-erh shape - Bing, Beeng, Cake, or Disc - A round, flat, disc or puck-shaped tea, the size ranges from as small as 100g to as large as 5 kg or more, with 357g, 400g, and 500g being the most common. Depending on the pressing method, the edge of the disk can be rounded or perpendicular. It is also commonly known as Qīzí bǐngchá (七子餅茶, literally "seven units cake tea") because seven of the bing are packaged together at a time for sale or transport.“

Source Web: Pu-erh tea shapes[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pu-erh_tea>. [q508] [s63]


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