old school 7542 BingCha 2011

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old school 7542 BingCha 2011
old school 7542 BingCha 2011 old school 7542 BingCha 2011 old school 7542 BingCha 2011
old school 7542 BingCha 2011

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Producer: CNNP

Shop: PU-ERH.sk


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I tasted several 7542 original Dayi cakes from recent years going back to 1997. Only the oldest made quiet an impression on me. Although this one cost several hundreds Euro already. I also run into a few 'private order 7542 cakes too. The 2011 one, a dry stored in Jiangsu, with very strong typical characteristics and a good price had to end up in pu-erh.sk aged raw pu-erh teas offer.

Clean without any disturbing side effect, a strong bitterish, fruity 'menghai' style maintaining at least first 10-11 brews. Very long, tasty, nutty aftertaste.

Overall feeling:
I am being constantly amazed by this cake. It will be and already is a great Menghai style Pu.

Stored: in Yixing, first 4 years

Recipe 7542, maocha (material) from Meng Hai areas that are south part from Lancang Jiang (瀾滄江), from Xishuangbanna (西雙版那) Bada巴達、Bulang shan布朗山、Banzhang班章、Nannuo shan南糯山)

Foot notes:
Very promising cake made in the modern era as back in the old days of state factories. Old style (Yellow mark) of paper wrapping makes it a retro cake. It's current price it makes a very accessible well made everyday pu-erh tea.

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Quotes - Pu-erh

„If, when smelling tea there is any strange or unpleasant smell, one may well consider not proceeding further to tasting the tea as it will likely not be satisfactory“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. How to Identify Good Puerh Tea[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com>. [q755] [s84]

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„龙井 Longjing - Maybe the most well-known green tea in China. It originates in Hangzhou (杭州), the capital of Zhejiang Province. Longjing in Chinese literally means dragon well. It is pan-fried and has a distinctive flat appearance. The tasteless frying oil is obtained from tea seeds and other plants. Falsification of Longjing is very common, and most of the tea on the market is in fact produced in Sichuan Province and hence not authentic Longjing.“

Source Web: Chinese green tea[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea>. [q464] [s60]


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