2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Raw Puerh Tea Paste 100g

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2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Raw Puerh Tea Paste 100g
2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Raw Puerh Tea Paste 100g 2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Raw Puerh Tea Paste 100g 2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Raw Puerh Tea Paste 100g
2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Raw Puerh Tea Paste 100g 2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Raw Puerh Tea Paste 100g

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Date of production: 2015

Producer: Quanjihao 权记号

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Established in the Qing Dynasty and passed down for thirteen generations, Quanjihao (Quan family) is a representative tea shop producing tea with delicate craftsmanship. Mr.Quan is in his 60s and he's still making tea and the packing by hand.

Manzhuan tea paste, made from the finest raw material, are full of fantastic delicious flavor and nutrition.

In order to make a good tea paste, Mr.Quan had consulted various old people and tea-makers, tried many times and finally succeeded in 2007. People got the 2007 tea paste from him thought the tea tasted really good now. Selected 70% Huangpian (older tea leaves) and 30% maocha from Manzhuan area. Refining 18 kg of the tea leaves would produce only 1 kg of paste. He use stainless steel soup pot to cook the tea. Simmer for three days until the liquid reduces slightly and thickens to paste, then cool the paste in bamboo shell. When boiling it, Mr.Quan must keep stirring to avoid to burn or stick to the bottom of the pot. The work to make tea paste was meticulous and time-consuming.

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Quotes - Pu-erh

„Yunnan Tea Company standardized the trade number for Pu Erh Tea in 1976 for the purpose of export. Each bingcha has 4 digits: the first 2 digits indicate the manufacturing year, the third digit indicates the leaf grade, the last digit indicates the tea factory (e.g. Kun-Ming 1, Meng-Hai 2, Xia-Guan 3, Pu Erh 4). The loose-leaf tea has 5 digits with the third and fourth indicating the class level of raw materials. Examples of early trade numbers for Puerh Tea are 7452, 7562, 7572, 75671, 76563.“

Source Web: Pu-erh.Net. Puerh History: Noteworthy Facts[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.pu-erh.net/sections.php?Choice=Puerh_History>. [q741] [s82]

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„Nèi fēi (内飞 or 內飛): A small ticket originally stuck on the tea cake but now usually embedded into the cake during pressing. It is usually used as proof, or a possible sign, to the authenticity of the tea. Some higher end pu'er cakes have more than one nèi fēi embedded in the cake. The ticket usually indicates the tea factory and brand.“

Source Web: Pu-erh tea[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pu-erh_tea>. [q848] [s62]


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