2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g

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2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g
2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g 2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g 2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g
2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g 2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g 2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g
2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g 2011 "Zi Qi Dong Lai" Ripe Puerh Cake 150g

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: Production 15/03/2011

Producer: Shengpu Tea Factory

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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"Zi Qi Dong Lai" : The Purple Air coming from the east -- a propitious omen (from the East) is approaching

This small ripe puerh cake has been produced exclusively for our shop and Czech tea-sellers. We tasted many different materials and chose this blend together.Two kinds of materials from Menghai are in the blend:

2006 5th grade from Haiwan Tea Factory (stored in Anning) and 2008 Gongting (the highest quality ripe puerh) from a small factory in Menghai (stored in Kunming). The 5th grade from Haiwan TF is definitely better quality than from other factories. The leaves are picked in spring and sun-dried, small and soft without long stalks.The liquor is clear and has ruby color. In the body, there is creamy dark chocolate taste, sweet and very silky! A month after pressing, we began to sell the cake as the flavor is balanced. However, the tea will be even better about 4-5 months after pressing!

About design : New Year´s Taoist old man wrapping theme is a reminder of the production time in the 2011 Chinese new year.

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Eternal Spring
04.11.2013 10:26:30
Eternal Spring

The Purple Air coming from the east

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"Zi Qi Dong Lai" in translation: The Purple Air coming from the east. This saying refers to the sign that appeared on the sky when Laozi decided to leave into a desert to become a hermit. He was then caught by guardian Yin Xi in Hangu Pass. Yin Xi became his student. He asked (forced :-) Laozi to write a book about his teachings. And that is how the book Tao Te Ching was written.
The cake is small, 150g . There is a New Year motive of an old Taoist nn the cover. It reminds the new year 2011, when the cake was made. It is a blend of two materials from Menghai. The first is from Haiwan TF 2006. The second component is 2008 material from Gontingu, made in small TF in Menghai.
The cake is firmly pressed, however the tea can be well separated. I am adding couple of loose tickets to the whole tea piece. The first infusion after the flush, I am steeping a longer time until the brew gets darker red colour. The whole piece of tea is still holding together.
Tea scent is earthy and pleasant. Wet leaves smell earthy at first, then woody. The aroma reminds bamboo. Finally there is a fruity aroma.
The brew colour is a brownish-red.
The taste of the firs brew is dominated by woody flavour that stands out mainly in the back of the mouth and tongue. The aftertaste is slightly astringent with a hint of metallic and earthy sweetness on the tongue.
The second infusion has already dark red-brown colour as mahogany wood. The taste is very full. The distinctive taste of bamboo, fruit tones, ending with a pleasant astringency on the back of the tongue. The energy is strong. It nicely worms up belly.
Even after the third infusion the piece of tea is still holding together. The colour is almost black. The best infusions were second till 5th. They also contained fruity flavour components. Tea endurance is long. Very good ripe pu-erh. $12 for 150g.

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„The next place to focus is feel­ing in the throat. Tea here can be cool­ing or warm­ing, rough or wet. Often drink­ing good tea will give you the sen­sa­tion of a ball in your throat. It is good to con­sider how far down the tea goes — in other words, where the sen­sa­tion is no longer appar­ent. If the tea slips down with­out any notice, it is just a drink. Many good teas will stop some­where in the mid­dle of your throat. If it gives a pleas­ant feel­ing all the way down to your core, it is truly some­thing special.“

Source Web: Wrong Fu Cha. Experiencing Tea[online].  [cit. 2002-05-20]. Available on WWW: <http://chahai.net/>. [q737] [s80]

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„gan cang; 干藏 - dry storage. Referring to tea storage that tends to be dry rather than excessively humid. Storing raw Puer in an excessively dry climate will have a harmful effect on the tea.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com/>. [q606] [s78]


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