2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g

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2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g
2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g 2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g 2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g
2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g 2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g 2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g
2007 Banzhang Tuocha Certified Organic Raw 250g

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Producer: Menghai Banzhang Tea Factory

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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This tuo is composed from spring material from Menghai area (most from Bulang mountain) and from different years. The quality and selection of raw material are much more better than 2008 Menghai Tuocha we also offer. Traditional sun-dried material was blended well and pressed careful. Tightly compression is good for long term storage. This tea was stored few years in Menghai and then moved to Kunming. Humid, hot and clean Menghai storage is big benefit for maturation.
Mellow but still powerfull. Typical Menghai taste with honey and floral aroma. Huigan is quickly, with long herbal sweet aftertaste.
The name Banzhang tuocha is not means this tuo come from any Banzhang village. It is only commercial name for this product.
At the end of 2007, the puer tea market bubble burst, followed by a large amount of low-end products is unsalable. But fortunately the quality of this tea was not affected by the "2007 puerh fever"!
The tuo come in original paper box and is Certificed Organic Product (OFDC).
Production date : 07/2007

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Eternal Spring
09.09.2013 11:16:24
Eternal Spring

Banzhang not from Banzhang

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Personally, I like teas from Menghai, so I was very curious about this Tou Chu. It was stored in humid and hot environment of Menghai for a few years and then moved to dry Kunming. Not all of these Tou Chas were stored liked that as I understood from communications with vendor, who was comparing this particular tea with the same Tou stored only in the dry Kunming. He said that the taste of this material is "a little bit rounder" :-) So, how is it ...
Tou Cha is firmly pressed together, the sample is firmly holding together. Wash for 10s. I left the first steeping for about 1 minute, until infusion gained color and leaves get loose little bit. Leaves smell fruity. There is no trace of musty. The taste is very pleasant. There is a sense of fine ripeness, bolt fruitiness, but also gentle sourness. The second steeping just 5s. Fruity taste with honey tones. There is still small sourness in the taste - it disappears after third steeping. Aftertaste is sweet, with a mild astringency on the tongue. I poured 1.5 liters of water over 7g of tea and infusion was still full of flavor. The tea has a pleasant energy. Price $14 for 250 grams and 5-year-old Tou Chu seems to me very good and the taste will certainly continue to develop. We will see how :-)

7 g, gaiwan 170ml, 95°C – wash 10 – 60/5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60

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