2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake

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2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake
2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake 2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake 2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake
2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake 2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake 2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake
2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake 2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake 2002 Fu Cha Ju Ailaoshan Ripe Puerh Cake

Category: Pu-erh

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Date of production: 2002

Producer: Fu Cha Ju Tea Company

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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This high quality ripe cake is made of spring large-leaf varietal arbor tea from Ailao mountain. Ailao mountain is one of high mountain in Simao area. Old tea trees material ripe puerh tea is quite different from garden tea ripe puerh. The raw material is completely the same as sheng puerh products which Fu Cha Ju made in 2002. Medium fermentation and 10 years perfect clean storage, an lovely and very tasty ripe puerh tea we ever met. Clean brown-reddish tea soup, smooth and sweet, rich rounded taste. Here are tones of caramel, ripe fruit and gingseng.

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11.04.2013 09:02:13

Excellent Shu

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Interesting point about this tea, what actually brought my attention to it, that it was made of leaves from old tea trees and that it was the same material the manufacturer also used for sheng puerh in 2002. By the way this sheng pu is excellent. Moreover, this shu is now 11-year-old.

Dry leaves look well with fair share of twigs. Tea can be easily broken. After flush, leaves release fruity (like marmalade) scent and just softly earthy aroma.
The infusion’s color is reddish brown, creamy, pleasant, cocoa fruit flavors, earthiness is not very significant.

The color and taste recalls a dark oolong, little bit. I am not a big shu puerh drinker, but I would say that this is really excellent and worth trying tea.

Gaiwans 120 ml / approx 6 grams of tea
rinse 10s and about 30/10/30/45/60/120s

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Eternal Spring
12.04.2013 18:03:31
Eternal Spring

Pleasant tea

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I had the opportunity to taste a sample of 11-year-old ripe pu-erh and it was pleasant afternoon :) Wet leaves smell sweet after jam. The color is beautiful brown red. The taste is full with no signs of bitterness. Just a nice drink. $52 for 500g

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„Tea that is picked in the summer, often referred to as Yu Shui Cha, is not of high quality. In the rainy season, levels of sunshine are comparatively low so it is often not possible to sun dry tea so a wood stove is used to dry it. This can produce a smokey aroma and flavour. With time it will abate, but not considerably, so any smokey tea that one has not witnessed being made is probably best put to one side.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. How to Identify Good Puerh Tea[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com>. [q763] [s84]

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