2013 Yunnan Simao Premium Green Tea "Gao Shan Yin Ya"

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2013 Yunnan Simao Premium Green Tea "Gao Shan Yin Ya"
2013 Yunnan Simao Premium Green Tea "Gao Shan Yin Ya" 2013 Yunnan Simao Premium Green Tea "Gao Shan Yin Ya" 2013 Yunnan Simao Premium Green Tea "Gao Shan Yin Ya"
2013 Yunnan Simao Premium Green Tea "Gao Shan Yin Ya"

Category: Green tea

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: Simao area, Yunnan

Date of production: Early March, 2013

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop



This is one of the best quality green tea which is produced in Yunnan province. First spring harvest in early March 2013 from high mountain, picked tender buds and carefully processed. Though this tea is often called "Bi luo Chun" in the marketplace, Neither appearance nor taste are similar with original "Bi Luo Chun". The materials were picked from Yunnan varietal tree - Yun Kang No.10 (different from Bi Luo Chun Xiao Ye Zhong tree). So we name this tea "Gao Shan Yin Ya" and it means "silver buds from high mountain".
Full and sweet, fresh and aromatic tea liquor, with slight and gratifying grass flavor.


This tea can brewed in glass and see the beautiful green fat buds dance inside, but use lower temperature water (about 70 degrees) for first infusions!

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Eternal Spring
21.10.2013 16:00:15
Eternal Spring

Premium Green Tea

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Very nice leaves, up to 3cm long buds with one leaf, very fluffy. Leaves are quite solid and so they take up a lot of space. It's a bit deceiving while dosing. It is necessary to give visually more tea otherwise the infusion will be weak. Or simply use the weight :-) 5 grams per 100ml.
I am steeping for about 1 minute at the temperature of 70 °C . Tea is very sweet, has a spicy taste and floral aroma. There is a pleasant astringency in the aftertaste in further infusions. The taste and aroma reminds me this year’s best green tea so fare - 2013 Early Spring Premium Yunnan Long Mei - but the quality of this one is not as good. Yet, it is a very good green tea. Price is $6 per 50g. 4 stars for me.

Gaiwan 150 ml, 8g, water 70 °C - 60s/25/35/45/50/60

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pack: vacuum, 50 gram (packed in Japan)

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