2013 "Light Roast" Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong

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2013 "Light Roast" Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong
2013 "Light Roast" Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong 2013 "Light Roast" Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong 2013 "Light Roast" Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong
2013 "Light Roast" Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong 2013 "Light Roast" Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong

Category: Red tea

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: spring 2013

Shop: Yunnan Sourcing

Yunnan Sourcing

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This is a lightly processed black tea that was hand-crafted using a wild tree purple leaf varietal from Dehong prefecture. Ye Sheng "野生“ varietal aka "Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze var. assamica (J. Masters) Kitam." is a primeval varietal that pre-dates Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica and is a naturally occuring non hybridized varietal. It's potency in cha qi arises from it's unadulterated nature. It is naturally bug repellent, grows wild in the forests of Yunnan at an altitude of 1600-2200 meters.

The aroma of tea is very strong and hints of eucalyptus and sugarcane. The bottom of the cup after drinking hints of dry red wine! The mouth feel is incredibly complex and stimulating with some slight bitterness and astringeny. Ultra smooth tea that after a few months will develop even more complexity. Very noticeable cha qi that heats up the body and hot day might cause the drinker to sweat a bit!

How is this tea different from the other Wild Tree Purple Varietal from Dehong that we sell:
- Processing and roasting uses less time and less heat
- The "ye sheng" varietal of tea used is more obvious
- Hints of Wu Yi Shan oolong in the aroma and mouth-feel
- More bitterness
- More aggressive cha qi

An incredibly rare tea, only 110 kilograms in total production for 2013!

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Eternal Spring
24.05.2013 13:03:15
Eternal Spring

Interesting red tea

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Dry leaves are dark brown to black from 2 to 4cm, nicely rolled. Dry leaves smell smoky and slightly resemble WuYi Oolongs. Steamed dry leaves smells fruity jelly - like Darjeeling, but with a light smoky aroma. The taste is very gently smoked, which then develops further in the mouth. The brew is spicy, slightly sweet. The empty cup smells after honey. You need to tune a little your preparation. The tea can be easily over steeped and then contains more tannins and astringency. It is pleasantly refreshing. I like to drink it in the morning because it evokes a pleasant lightness. We'll see in a few months how the taste develops.

Too short time produces weaker infusion, but too long produced more bitterness and astringency. 5g, gaiwan 140ml - 100 ° C - 40s/30/40/60/70/90

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Quotes - Red tea

„hong; 红 - red. In China, what is called black tea in the English speaking world, is called red. Cooked Puer is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a black tea.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com/>. [q610] [s78]

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