Darjeeling Jungpana Wonder Delight Second Flush 2013

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Darjeeling Jungpana Wonder Delight Second Flush 2013
Darjeeling Jungpana Wonder Delight Second Flush 2013 Darjeeling Jungpana Wonder Delight Second Flush 2013

Category: Red tea

Country: India

Province: Darjeeling

Harvest: June 2013

Shop: obchodcajem.net




Beautifully prepared whole leaf tea cultivar Pb312. Very rare tea from this garden, production only 9kg.

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Eternal Spring
16.09.2013 15:10:53
Eternal Spring

Second Flush - No Glory

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Dry tea smells nice and fresh. The leaves are also nice looking. There are many buds. Rinsing of DJ usually leaves smell after overripe fruit, but in this case there is no such odour. The taste of tea is not exceptional, nor is it bad. You can tell that it's DJ, but no glory.
Comparing with DJ Thurbo Wonder Delight SF, Jungpana Wonder Delight SF is not bitter, so you can steep tea longer time and get a stronger flavor. The tea is then full of energy, but it does not help the overall weaker impression.
The price was quite high and certainly the quality of this year's SF is not worth it - $12.25 per 50g. My best yet tasted SF tea from 2013 was Sikkim (reviewed earlier), which was actually the cheapest one.

5g gaiwan, 170 ml, water 100 °C - 20s/10/15/20/30

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Quotes - Red tea

„hong; 红 - red. In China, what is called black tea in the English speaking world, is called red. Cooked Puer is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a black tea.“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com/>. [q610] [s78]

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