2012 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan 100g

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2012 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan 100g
2012 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan 100g 2012 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan 100g 2012 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan 100g
2012 Autumn Fujian Anxi Benshan 100g

Category: Oolong

Country: China

Province: Fujian

Harvest: 10/2012

Producer: Zhengyunxiang Tea Factory

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop



One of famous oolong teas from Anxi is Benshan. This is a light roasted with low oxidation (only 10-15%) high mountain (Gaoshan Benshan) oolong, carefully processed in early October. This tea comes from Xiping village(西坪). Emerald green rolled leaves have slightly orange fragrance. Full-bodied and complex with oily texture and floral sweet aftertaste.

Benshan = Source Mountain

Cultivar : Ben Shan(本山)

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20.02.2013 15:40:06

Mild and fresh oolong

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After steaming in the gaiwan it produces mild and fresh smell of oolong tea. Infusion has light green colour, it is obvious that it is low oxidised oolong. Smell is mild and fresh. Taste is pleasant, full with taste of flowers, but very mild and fresh. I can recommend this tea, considering the price of $6 per 100g I am, giving 4 stars.

140 ml gaiwan, 7g of tea, water 90°C, steeped for 45sec and gradually prolonged, up to 8 tasty infusions

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Eternal Spring
19.03.2013 13:47:21
Eternal Spring

Greener oolong for a good price

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Dry leaves are yellow-green. Strong and aromatic odor. The infusion is luminously yellow-green. The taste is strong, grassy with floral aftertaste.

Water 90 degrees. I start to infuse about 1 minute. The second infusion is about 30 seconds faster. Then you can prolong infusions as per taste.

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Quotes - Oolong

„Fujian Province is known for mountain-grown organic green tea as well as white tea and oolong tea. The coastal mountains provide a perfect growing environment for tea growing. Green tea is picked in spring and summer seasons.“

Source Web: Chinese green tea[online]. Wikipedia. Available on WWW: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea>. [q465] [s60]

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The hot tea leaves: after pouring the tea from the gaibei. Again, a different smell! You can also smell the empty gaibei: a strong smell means that the leaves could have been brewed a few more times.
The empty cup: you can use it as a wen xiang bei! The empty pitcher can also be used as a big wen xiang bei!“

Source Web: Tea Masters Blog. Gong fu cha brewing: the 5 senses[online]. 2005. Available on WWW: <http://teamasters.blogspot.com/>. [q868] [s91]


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