Kabusé Okuyutaka 2012

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Kabusé Okuyutaka 2012
Kabusé Okuyutaka 2012 Kabusé Okuyutaka 2012 Kabusé Okuyutaka 2012
Kabusé Okuyutaka 2012

Category: Green tea

Country: Japan

Harvest: 2012 May, prefecture Shizuoka

Producer: Houkouen, Japan

Shop: PU-ERH.sk




Packing: vacuum, 50 grams, packaged in Japan
Tea is an original packaged in Japan and stored at low temperatures in Slovakia, which guarantees exceptional freshness.
The smell of hot tea leaves: strong, penetrating, the smell of freshly baked bread
Color: greenish, clear
Taste: sweetish, with a very thin bitter edge with a distinctive aftertaste


cool water so you can hold a finger in it for more than 3 seconds, steep for about 1 min and a half

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Eternal Spring
13.03.2013 22:19:15
Eternal Spring

Delicious Japanese tea for a good price

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Dry leaves smell fresh. After placing dry leaves into the warm gaiwan it greatly expands their fresh grass scent. Steep with water, in which you can keep your finger submerged for more than 3 seconds - a nice advice :-) Infusion is a clear, light green. The taste is really delicious, sweet and grassy. It leaves a pleasant grassy aftertaste with very little marzipan bitterness. Three infusions provide excellent tea. I bought this tea with 30% discount for 8.90 EUR. Very good tea, I highly recommend it.

Gaiwan 140ml, 3g of tea, steeped with water, in which you can keep your finger submerged for more than 3 seconds – 1,5 mins / 2 mins / 2,5 mins

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19.05.2013 21:49:42

Kabusé Okuyutaka 2012

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The leaves are nice, dark green, sometimes even brighter with pleasant scent. The first infusion is clear; color is pale green, grassy flavor with a pleasant, slightly bitter and long lasting finish. Further infusions are more yellow and slightly cloudy. I managed to prepare three delicious infusions; the second one was the tastiest. Very good tea. I look forward to the next time :-)

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Eternal Spring
13.03.2013 22:30:25
Eternal Spring

Kabuse means semi-shade grown. This is the special process when the tea bushes have been sheltered from direct sun by bamboo screens. This will increase the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves before harvest. Tea has a stronger flavor then.

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