2013 Early Spring Premium Yunnan Long Mei

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2013 Early Spring Premium Yunnan Long Mei
2013 Early Spring Premium Yunnan Long Mei 2013 Early Spring Premium Yunnan Long Mei

Category: Green tea

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: February 2013

Shop: LongFeng.cz




Grade: AAA
Cultivar: Yunnan Da Ye
Harvest area: Zhenyuan, Simao, Yunnan
Yunnan green tea produced from Yunnan Large leaves varietal tea trees, smaller leaves, high quality, greeny infusion pleasantly strong, harmonic, characteristically fresh aroma with floral and fruity tones.


5g/dcl, 75°C water, steeping 25/30/45/60s. It is better to use colder water and steep longer time

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Eternal Spring
27.03.2013 13:08:39
Eternal Spring

Yunnan spring 2013 - take one - Long Mei AAA

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Yunnan Long Mei is the tea grade AAA. Leaves are smaller and nicely rolled. Dray leaves smell sweet. The infusion is greenish-yellow and clear. Pleasantly stimulating tea. Very nice spring tea. Comparing to Yunnan Mao Feng, from the same delivery what is little bit cheaper and grade AA+, I rather recommend Yunnan Long Mei. This year's first harvest of Yunnan green teas is really good.

7g per 170ml gaiwan – 70°C – 25s/30/35/40/50

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28.03.2013 14:03:21

My first 2013 green tea

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This year's first green tea I've tasted. Leave is smaller, beautifully scented, very nice fresh floral taste, very simulative. I rather drink it in the morning.

You can prepare 4-5 very good infusions.

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„Kukicha (くき茶, stalk tea) - A tea made from stems, stalks, and twigs. Kukicha has a mildly nutty, and slightly creamy sweet flavor.“

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