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Pu-erh - Jingmai - 5 stars

2012 Chawangpu Jingmai Gu Shu Xiao Bing Cha 200g

2012 Chawangpu Jingmai Gu Shu Xiao Bing Cha 200g
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This tea is from Jingmai Da Zhai, grown on the Da Ping Zhang area, and is considered some of the finest Jingmai tea available. Another famous tea village is Mangjing. The Mangjing tea taste more simple and bitter, therefore be sold at a lower price. Jingmai mountain is famous for middle/little leaf tea (中小叶种茶) which is popular for its sweet taste and floral aroma. Jingmai Da Zhai is one of the most famous village and has the biggest ancient tea tree garden in Jingmai mountain,...




„In general, lower-quality green teas are steeped hotter and longer, while higher-quality teas are steeped cooler and shorter.“

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