2014 Yunnan "Bai Mu Dan" White Tea

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2014 Yunnan "Bai Mu Dan" White Tea
2014 Yunnan "Bai Mu Dan" White Tea 2014 Yunnan "Bai Mu Dan" White Tea 2014 Yunnan "Bai Mu Dan" White Tea
2014 Yunnan "Bai Mu Dan" White Tea 2014 Yunnan "Bai Mu Dan" White Tea

Category: White tea

Country: China

Province: Yunnan

Harvest: Jingmai area, Lancang county, Yunnan

Date of production: Late March 2014

Shop: Cha Wang Shop

Cha Wang Shop

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Fujain famous white tea "White peony" (Bai Mu Dan)- Taste similar but not the same. This tea come from tea area near Jingmai, Lancang county and large leaves varietal trees.

Clean slightly yellow green tea soup, pleasant aroma. Sweet and rich taste, fresh and pleasant

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Eternal Spring
05.06.2014 18:05:11
Eternal Spring

Sweet treat

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This is a wonderful tea, which contains a large proportion of fluffy tips up to 3cm long. Tea leaves are not rolled, and thus occupies a large volume. 100g bag is really huge :-) Some leaves are yellow.

The smell of the dry tea is fresh and slightly spicy.
The first infusion has bright color. Taste is soft, delicate, sweet.
Further brews are dominated by sweet taste with a floral flavor.

Energy is a very gentle, caressing. It is also suitable for evening sipping.

Beautiful, pleasant and tasty tea for super price of $7.

Colder water will highlight spicy - herbal flavor.
Otherwise, do not be afraid of warmer water or longer steeping times. You always get sweet and pleasant infusion.

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„Some people display virtue and show ability in order to get others to support them. Some call on people for celebrations and funerals, in effect making business trips. Some affect seclusion as hermits but are actually seeking social advancement. Some offer people food and drink in hope of later favors. All of these are clever operations of the crafty mind for gaining temporal profit. These prevent right action and so should all be abandoned. “

Source Book: Cleary, Thomas. Practical Taoism. Shambhala Publications Inc, 1998. p. 112. ISBN: 978-1570622007. [q703] [s79]


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