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Shu - Ripe Puerh - Wuliang

2004 Jin Hao Feng Huang Ripe Puerh Tuo Cha 100g

2004 Jin Hao Feng Huang Ripe Puerh Tuo Cha 100g
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The best ripe tuo cha this factory has ever made. The 801 product line is well known for the highest grade of leaves and mellow taste. Handpicked in high mountains (more than 2000 meters high mountain area in Wuliangshan), large leaf tea. Finely and traditionally processed. After 7 years aging, the tea produces sweet, smooth taste and aged fragrance of dried longan. A full deep ruby colored liquor with nice aroma. Very good storage in Kunming! Such a good tea is...




„tan qing; 摊青 - The process of laying freshly picked leaves out to allow the moisture content to diminish before frying“

Source Web: Zhi Zheng Tea Shop. Puer Tea Glossary[online]. Available on WWW: <http://www.zhizhengtea.com/>. [q634] [s78]


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