Menghai Langhe Tea Factory

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Menghai Langhe Tea Factory


Langhe 郎河 : Langhe is a factory of Menghai 勐海 that was founded in 1995. Since then it has built a strong reputation, won awards, and has become one of Yunnan's most renowned brands. Langhe ripe teas are the most sought after from this tea factory. Classic Langhe recipes include 9599, 9579, 9559, High Mountain Ripe, and Gong Ting Ripe. Langhe ripe teas are excellent for long-term aging because they employ traditional light fermentation "wo dui" technique. This light fermentation allows for gradual aging of the ripe teas and retain much of the character of a raw pu-erh tea.

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Teas - Menghai Langhe Tea Factory

2006 Langhe TF Meng Hai Chitse Beeng Cha

2006 Langhe TF Meng Hai Chitse Beeng Cha "8549" Raw 357g
3.0 stars 1 review

This is one of classic recipe from Langhe tea factory which is similar with 8542 from...




Chengdu, the capital
Jasminum officinale,
Small inspiration
The fruits and seeds


2015 Chawangpu Menghai "Cheng Shuang" Xiao

2015 Chawangpu Menghai "Cheng Shuang" Xiao Bing
4.0 stars 1 review

Cheng Shuang 成双 means in pairs This cake is blend of two villages and mountain in Menghai...

YiWu 2012 autumn

YiWu 2012 autumn
4.5 stars 1 review

pressed by stone mold into 250 grams cakes, autumn maocha Massive sweetishness in the back of...

Sikkim Temi FTGFOP-1 Second Flush 2013

Sikkim Temi FTGFOP-1 Second Flush 2013
4.5 stars 2 reviews

Excellent tea from a single garden in Sikkim, spread around the village of Temi, in the beautiful...

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Pu-erh shape - Bing,
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Chengdu, the capital
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