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New Taipei City



Origin Tea is a small, registered online business based in Taipei, Taiwan.

We are straightforward and simple. As tea lovers, we like to focus our efforts and resources where they should be focused - on tea. Our teas are sourced from wholesale distributor​s, reputable dealers/collectors;and from tea makers who personally select raw leaves from production regions. We do not waste time and money (both ours and hence yours) on things like fancy packaging; fantastic tales and sales pitches; long tea descriptions which say little; endless articles about the health effects of tea which are still under study etc. Instead, we make all of our teas available at sample sizes, so you can decide what a tea is like for yourself.

At Origin Tea we have one goal: to make high quality teas available worldwide at reasonable prices.

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zhang wei; 樟味 -
Batasia Loop of
The Cameron
tea plantation


YouLe 2013 - blind tasting set 6

YouLe 2013 - blind tasting set 6
4.5 stars 1 review

dense, rich, bitter-sweet, fruity aroma, full body floods the whole mouth and gives a feeling of oily brew,...

2014 Yunnan Zao Chun

2014 Yunnan Zao Chun
4.0 stars 1 review

"Early Spring" - fresh green tea from higher elevations near Yun Pan Shan (1100m) in early spring harvest....

2005 Nannuoshan TF Menghai Raw Puerh Cake

2005 Nannuoshan TF Menghai Raw Puerh Cake 357g
2.5 stars 1 review

This is a classic Menghai spring blended cake from Nannuoshan Tea Factory which was renamed as Menghai...

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Chengdu, the capital
Pu-erh shape -
Chengdu, the capital
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