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Jing Tea Shop was born in 2004 after Sebastien Leseine, a Frenchman, met Jing Lu, a Chinese lady from Guang Zhou. They spent time together talking and sharing their respective cultures both well knowned for their love of eating and drinking. Sebastien fell in love with the Tea Culture and the lady. A family business was born.

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage"
- Catherine Douzel -

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Munnar is a hill
Chengdu, the capital
Chengdu, the capital
Dreaming of the


Luo Shui Dong 2012 Spring

Luo Shui Dong 2012 Spring
4.0 stars 1 review

This cake is made from high quality gushu leaves sourced from Luo Shui Dong 落水洞 - a famous puer producing...

Sourenee SFTGFOP 1 CH Muscatel 2nd Flush 2012

Sourenee SFTGFOP 1 CH Muscatel 2nd Flush 2012 Organic
4.0 stars 1 review

ripe, sweet fruit, distinct darjeeling tones, wild honey, enjoyable aftertaste of overipe grapes

2011 Bulangshan Banpen Village Raw Puerh Cake

2011 Bulangshan Banpen Village Raw Puerh Cake 357g
4.5 stars 1 review

This raw puerh cake is made of Wan Bang Tea House from Kunming. This product without neifei and printed...

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Plucking the tea
Small inspiration
Pu-erh shape -
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