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Sheng - Raw Puerh - Manzhuan - 2013

ManZhuan 2013 - blind tasting set 5

ManZhuan 2013 - blind tasting set 5
3.5 stars 1 review

sweetish, rich, dense taste is apparent from the first brewing, in the second brew the fine gushu bitterness appears, in the cup you can feel nice flowerish aromas, pu-erh teas from Manzhuan has the ability even during his first year of aging to transform to sweet, honey like tones, that can be noticed in the tea even now, be careful with the dosage, number of grams used, this is a really powerful tea that with high dosage could be a very bitter like brew, these cakes unlike the others spring...




„The Tibetan Book of the Dead presents the states of dying and after death as continues possibility. We can become frozen in our attachments and fear or we can recognise the liberation of our true nature. The Tibetan Book of the Dead shows that this opportunity is available to us in every moment of live and dead.“

Source Film: The Tibetan Book of the Dead: A Way of Life: (2 parts)[online]. NHK Creative of Japan, Mistral Film of France, National Film Board of Canada, 1994. Available on WWW: <http://www.uloz.to>. [q94] [s18]


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Hill Country near
The longan (龍眼 lóng
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Batasia Loop of
Dimocarpus longan,
Chengdu, the capital
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